About Voices

In everything we do, we believe in giving every lost and voiceless child a brighter future.

We do this by recruiting and supporting Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers. By creating opportunities that help every child know that they are cared for and safe. And by engaging the community to help drive awareness about the plight of Arizona’s abused and neglected children.

As an affiliate of the National CASA Organization, we’re an Arizona nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization focused on three program areas:
CASA Program Support, CASA Child Enrichment and Child Welfare Advocacy.

The number of children in State dependency continues to rise. However, we are encouraged by the focus Arizona currently has on ensuring children, all children, have a safe, loving and permanent home. We are also inspired by the amazing people we meet each day who care so much and are dedicated to action.

Are you ready to take action? Join Voices for CASA Children as a volunteer, become an advocate or donate today. It is up to us… we are for the children!

Voices is now an AZ State Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization!
Our financial supporters may now be eligible for tax credit vs. tax deduction. VOICES has achieved an important milestone in helping Arizona’s children and the advocates who support them. By qualifying as a Foster Care Charitable Organization, donations made to Voices for CASA Children can be considered under the Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization tax program. Beginning in 2013, taxpayers are no longer required to itemize deductions in order to claim this tax credit. Effective in 2016, new legislation has increased the credit for contributions to Qualified Foster Care Charitable Organizations to up to $500 for single/head of household and $1,000 for those filing jointly.

More details can be found at www.azdor.gov. Look under Tax Credits/Qualifying Charitable Organizations – VOICES is included in the 2016 listing. Please be sure to see your own tax advisor for questions on your personal qualification.

Voices has much going on to support the CASA of Maricopa County program, its advocates and the children:

  • Essential Needs Program
  • Winter recruiting initiatives underway
  • Proud sponsor of CODY (Court Orientation for Dependent Youth)