CASA Program Support

Voices is dedicated to ensuring that CASA of Maricopa County has the capacity to recruit, train and retain CASA volunteers to support the State and National CASA Association goal of one CASA for every child in State care.

The positive impact of a CASA volunteer on a child’s life is remarkable and substantiated. A child with a CASA/GAL volunteer is:

  • More likely to find a safe, permanent home.
  • More likely to be adopted.
  • Half as likely to re-enter foster care.
  • Substantially less likely to spend time in long-term foster care.
  • More likely to have a plan for permanency.

Children with CASA volunteers get more help while in the system and are more likely to have a consistent, responsible adult presence.  Notably:

  • More services are ordered for the children.
  • Volunteers spend significantly more time with the child than a paid guardian ad litem.

Children with CASA volunteers spend less time in foster care, whereas:

  • Children without CASA involvement spend an average of over eight months longer in care, compared to children having CASA involvement.

Children with CASA volunteers do better in school.  They are:

  • More likely to pass all courses.
  • Less likely to have poor conduct in school.
  • Less likely to be expelled.

*Source: Evidence of Effectiveness article from the National CASA Association website.

VOICES Gas Card Gift Program

One of the many ways VOICES supports CASA volunteers is through its Gas Gift Card program which has been in existence since 2013 thanks to a generous grant from the John C. Lincoln GIVES Committee.  The grant has been renewed annually and Voices for CASA Children has partnered with the Circle K Corporation to purchase the gas cards in bulk.  We would like to extend our sincere thanks to both organizations for making this program possible!

A maze of strangers will enter the lives of children when they go into State care.  For these children, having access to their brothers or sisters can make a difference in their ability to cope until they are reunified with their own family if that is possible or join a new, caring family.  CASA volunteers sometimes travel hundreds of miles in a month to facilitate critical visits between multiple children in a family who have been split up through no fault of their own.

Originally a retention tool called Sibling Ties, the Gas Gift Card initiative is a growth program for Voices for CASA Children. The goal, with ongoing support from the John C. Lincoln GIVES grants, is to ensure that CASA volunteers have the tools and ability to fulfill the needs of their CASA children.  In 2017, the program will be expanded to recognize the top 25 CASA volunteers driving the farthest each month as they visit, support, advocate for, and nurture their CASA child or children. In addition, gas gift cards will also be given to each CASA volunteer who accepts a new case to encourage sign-ups.