Let’s play ball!

Thanks to the generosity of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Voices for CASA Children was able to provide summer game tickets to CASA volunteers and their CASA youth. We’re grateful to Karen Coatsworth, a CASA volunteer in Maricopa County, for sharing this exciting play-by-play of her baseball outing with her CASA child!


Dear Voices or CASA Children,

Thank you for the Diamondbacks tickets for my CASA kiddo and myself. We went in June and had a magical day at the ballpark!  As soon as we got inside the stadium we went to the gift shop and got my kiddo a Diamondbacks ball cap. Just after we settled into our 3rd Level seats before the game started, a representative of the Diamondbacks, Chuck, sat down next to us and asked my kiddo if he was a D-backs fan. When he said “Yes”, Chuck asked him if he’d like to sit in the very front row right by the D-Backs on-deck circle!! Chuck upgraded our tickets to the best seats in the ballpark, and each ticket had a generous voucher to be spent in concessions!

We felt like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory with the Golden Ticket as we raced downstairs to our new seats. As soon as we sat down, the D-backs leadoff hitter, Chris Herrmann (also my kiddo’s favorite player) hit a home run into the pool! We were so excited we were jumping up and down, and the game just got better and better. Chuck stopped by again to see if we were having fun – were we ever!! The D-backs won the game and we stuffed ourselves with yummy ballpark food

I sent a thank you email to the D-backs, but we also want to thank Voices for CASA Children for making this happy day possible for one terrific foster kid and his lucky CASA.

Karen Coatsworth

CASA Volunteer